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Mobile and fixed prostheses

Fixed prosthesis:

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The fixed prosthesis replaces the natural dental elements with artifacts final and stable. It is the crowns (artificial substitutes of a single tooth) and bridges (replacing multiple teeth) cemented to the supporting pillars of natural (teeth and roots contiguous) and therefore is not removable by the patient.

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The project mobile:


The mobile prosthesis is to replace a portion or the entire dental arch.

and can be removed from the patient for the purpose of executing the ordinary

hygiene routine daily.

The prosthesis can be:

Partial: anchored by means of hooks to the natural teeth residues or attacks to elements in prosthetic, is usually formed by a metal structure from which it takes the name of the skeleton. The presence of metal connections allows you to get a better level of functional stability and mastication.
Total: in the absence of teeth or roots of the natural residue, total prosthesis in resin (false teeth) replaces one or both of the dental arches, resting only on the mucous membranes and on the bone of the patient. Despite the stability of the prosthesis is compromised by the gradual bone resorption (such as to require successive "rebasing" on the part of the dentist) and the chewing forces can be reduced compared to other prosthetic solutions, the total hip prosthesis is still today an economic solution and a little complex to restore the functions of the oral of the patient.The use of materials (resins and ceramics), innovative, guarantees the validity functional, anallergic and aesthetics of the result.
It is possible to improve the stability of dentures with interventions in mini-invasive, can be carried even in patients very elderly patients and those with physical problems: in these cases, the used techniques more than to the sky, closed, without ends and non-traumatic. These methods allow to improve significantly the quality of life of elderly patients and minimize the psycho-physical stress from surgery


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