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The implantology is the branch of dentistry that deals with the selection, planning, introduction and development of prostheses (fixed or removable) that make use of endosseous implants for retention, support and stability.Endosseous dental implants are ā€œscrewsā€, usually titanium, that are placed surgically in the bone of the mandible or of the maxilla, and only play the root of a tooth that is no longer there. On this artificial root, and, after a healing period of variable duration (0,3,6 months), is anchored in the implant that replaces the tooth or teeth are missing.The implants are composed of a body (which should be entirely within the bone) and the abutment of the implant that connects to the body of the plant, passes through the gum, and is used to support or retain the prosthesis (crown, bridge, prosthesis for total or partial).

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The aesthetic effect of the system is guaranteed:

The tooth looks absolutely natural. The chewing function is fully restored and in a definitive manner.

Implantology and immediate loading

ā€‹Teeth in a day

The implants immediate loading, also known as the dental implants teeth in a day is now a daily reality and relatively easy to be realized.

The best candidates are patients who have not even have a tooth or patients that have teeth now compromised and need to be extracted

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The dental implants All on Four is a technique that allows you to restore an entire dental arch, or both, through the inclusion of only four to six (All on Six) endosseous implants, allowing the patient to have immediately fixed teeth screwed to the implants (Immediate Loading).

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